Iseki TG6495 IQ


Product Details

The TG6495 and TG6375 feature the new IQ Dual-Clutch transmission

that offers the control of a manual with the convinience of an

automatic. There are 8 main gears and 3 ranges. Gears are changed

by simply moving the gear lever through the straight shift gate. If

‘D’ is selected then gears 4-8 are operated automatically - ideal for

roadwork or towing.

Both tractors are available with either ROPS or an air-conditioned

Category 2 cab. A front loader joystick, draft control, up stop PTO

and linkage lift in reverse are all supplied as standard. The tractors

are offered with either Ag or Turf tyres as standard. Optional loaders,

either standard or with parallel lift are available.

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