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The STIGA E-Park 220 is the leading front-cut ride-on mower powered by lithium-ion batteries. The E-Park combines comfort, low maintenance and no carbon dioxide emissions – all the advantages of a battery-powered machine in a ride-on mower. Easy to use with a high-resolution colour display providing an instant overview of settings and performance, electrical cutting height adjustment and cruise control, the E-Park 220 is quiet too. Articulated steering means the E-Park 220 can be manoeuvred around complex obstacles and steered through narrow spaces, while QuickFlip technology allows you to quickly raise the cutting deck in two simple motions for cleaning and maintenance. In addition to the Multiclip mulching system, the cutting deck enables you to cut in rear discharge mode.

Please note the cutting deck is NOT included. The Combi 95cm Electric Quick Flip deck is recommended for use with this model.

Built today for tomorrow, this e-Park ride-on mower has an extended 3-year warranty on the mower.

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