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Convert your Cushman® Turf-Truckster® into a productive aerator with the Quick Aerator® attachment by Jacobsen®. It easily attaches to your Truckster in minutes and offers a variety of tines styles to choose from including slicing, coring, and spoon.

  • • Lift or lower from the driver's seat with Truckster's standard hydraulics
  • • Choose from double sided slicing tines, ½ in. or ¾ in. coring tines, and spoon tines.
  • • Ideal for any turf area, including golf courses, sports fields, and recreational areas.
Recommended Speed
Low-range auxiliary transmission speeds recommended
Coring Depth
Up to 5 in.
Aerating Width
46 in.
Aerating Pattern
6 x 7.75 in.
Maximum Holes per Square Foot
Aerating Holes
Cast iron with sintered bushings; pressure lubrication fitting; grooved for mounting aerating tines on both sides; each wheel weights 75 lbs.
Aerating wheels - 1.25 in. diameter
761 lbs.
Slicing Tines
6 in. tines, 48 required. Used for all-season aeration and renovation
Coring Tines
0.5 in. x 4 in. or 0.75 in. x 4 in. available, 48 required. Used for thatch removal and compaction reduction.
Spoon Tines
48 required. Used for building and fall renovation.


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