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The GA-24 by Jacobsen® is a popular choice for aerating superior turf on greens. This self-propelled aerator's unparalleled hole quality promotes faster turf healing and allows play to resume earlier. The unit's maneuverability allows for tight turns on undulated turf without causing undue damage.

  • • Self-Propelled Power That's Quiet - 9 hp ( 6.7 kW) Briggs & Stratton®  Vanguard™ engine
  • • Reliability for the Long Haul - Peerless® transaxle with reverse allows easier maneuvering for storage and reduced number of wear parts.
  • • Precise Aeration Anytime, Anywhere - Four tine sizes for proper core aeration anytime under varying soil conditions; Creates 2" x 2" aeration pattern.
  • • Optional Quad Tine Holders allow for 1 x 1 in. pattern.
  • • Ease of Operation and Safety - Centralized controls at operator station; Automatic parking brake; Operator presence control.
  • • Turf-Friendly Aerator - Light-weight self-propelled model features ribbed tires.
Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™
9 hp
18.64 cu. in.
Oil Capacity
2.5 pt.
Cams, horizontal slides, push rods and bearings are continuously lubricated; sealed, cast-iron cam case; all other lubricating points are pressure grease fittings.
Drive Wheel
#40 roller chain
Multiple disc
Parallel shaft, spur gear
Transport Speed
4 mph
Working Width
24 in.
Working Depth
Up to 3 in.
Aeration Pattern
Standard Tines: 2 x 2 in.

With Optional Quad Tine Holder: 1 x 1 in.
Holes per Square Foot
Up to 8000 square feet per hour
#50 roller chain
Connecting Rod and Bearing
Cast aluminum with insert bearing on ductile iron crankshaft
Slide Bearing and Seals
Low-friction Teflon™ bearings ; triple lip seals
Hydraulic Lift System
Direct-drive, hydraulic gear pump delivers 3.28 gpm at 1200 rpm/100 psi; lift cylinders 1.5 in. bore x 5.75 in. stroke
Standard Tines
Hollow, tapered, case-hardened steel; two sets of ½ in. diameter tines
Front Tires
11 x 4.00 - 5, 4-ply ribbed
Rear Tires
16 x 6.50 - 8, 4-ply ribbed
Automatic disc parking brake
46 in.; 69.5 in with handle extended
49.5 in.
32.5 in.; 37.5 in. to top of steering handle
902 lbs.
Quad Tine Holder
Quad Tine Holder Set with turf guard assembly and your choice of tines: ½ in. coring, ¼ in. coring, or ¼ in. solid tines
Windrow Attachment
Floating blades line up cores for easier, quicker removal. Optional.


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