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The Fliegl Duplex Mixers are a development of the proven SS and FA Pan Mixers and have the advantage of a twin rotor mixing system which has been designed specifically for use on tele handlers, forklifts and backhoe loaders.

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  • The Duplex DK and DFA mixers are self loading pan type mixers with a unique and patented twin mixing rotor system. They are available with hydraulic drive only and are designed to be mounted on telescopic handlers, backhoe loaders, larger skid steer loaders etc. The DK and DFA models differ in the way they are loaded. Both types are designed to be loaded with sand/aggregate in a similar manner to an ordinary front bucket.
  • The DK model is tipped forward 90 degrees and the fixed scoop is driven into the heap of aggregate. The DK is then rotated back to vertical for mixing.
  • The DFA models have a hydraulically folding loading shovel at the front of the mixer. When vertical the shovel forms the front wall of the mixer. The shovel is lowered to the horizontal position to fill the mixer. With DFA models the mixed concrete can be tipped out of the front of the mixer for fast unloading. DFA models are complete with valve, cable and switch to operate loading shovel (12V supply required at mixer, switch is fitted in cab). When fitting DFA models to telescopic handlers please contact Kilworth for further advice.
  • All DK and DFA models have manually operated discharge openings on the left and right sides as standard and require a pressure and return loader (180 bar max).

Optional Extras

  • Hydraulic outlet on left hand side (includes valve, cable and switch)
  • Back plate for weld on attachment brackets


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