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The high-performance TORRO fulfils all your needs in cost-effective silage harvesting. Powerful, robust and strong with a high output – that’s what you’ll get from these machines.

Length9080 mm
Width2550 mm
Height with 22.5" tyres3980 mm
Height with 26.5" tyres3980 mm
Height of platform with 22.5" tyres1460 mm
Height of platform with 26.5" tyres1640 mm
Number of scraper floor chains4 pcs.
Scraper floor motor (standard)1-speed 
Scraper floor motor (optional)2-speed 
Loading area6.180 x 2.100 mm
Loading volume with medium compression51 m³
Loading volume (DIN 11741)31 m³
Number of knives max.39 pcs.
Theoretical chopped length35 mm
Pick-up width1850 mm
Track width1950 mm
Weight of basic version7400 kg
ChassisTandem axle 
Permissible laden weight (standard)20000 kg
Permissible laden weight max.20000 kg


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