Kilworth RotoHarrow MTZ


Product Details

The MTZ  Rotary Harrow is designed to create a fine level seedbed whilst working at shallower depths. It will produce a tilth whilst working only 25mm deep if required. It is engineered for use by contractors, local authorities and other commercial users.

Available to Order
  • Rotary Harrow for creating a fine, level seedbed.
  • Suitable for tractors from 12hp to 40hp.
  • Lightweight, robust design and low power consumption - larger machines can be handled by smaller tractors.
  • High speed, contra-rotating rotors (each with 2 tines) spaced at only 135mm to give a fine tilth.
  • All rotors are gear driven and are mounted on 2 widely spaced bearings for long life and quiet running.
  • All drive components in oil filled trough - low maintenance.
  • Fully adjustable depth control.
  • Complete with rear roller and front levelling bar.
  • Optional seeder unit has positive chain drive from rear roller and remote seed shut-off lever.


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