Major Swift Winged, trailed


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Models:   MJ70-410T, MJ70-550T
The MAJOR Swift Trailed roller mower boasts all the features and benefits of the MAJOR 3 point linkage winged version, but with a trailed
configuration. This mower is ideal for contractors, turf farms, local authority use and any customer with significant travelling between sites.
High specification LED road lighting is supplied as standard for safe road transportation. To ensure legality of your mower whilst using public
highways, brakes are fitted as standard unlike similar mowers on the market. These mowers can be lifted up whilst travelling to avoid kerbs
or other obstacles, without having to stop the tractor.
- Produced from Strenxô 700 MC high strength steel
- LED road lighting kit
- Fully braked for safe and legal road work
- Kerb lift
- Walterscheid wide angle PTO drive shaft supplied as standard
- Gear driven; mows in a variety of grass lengths
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