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The WideSpin 1530 top dressers, available as truck mounted or trailed meets the most demanding of topdressing programs - delivering total control over material from frequent, light topdressing to heavy applications at unprecedented widths.

  • • The WideSpin 1530's outstanding performance has made it the industry’s choice for thatch management, smoothing greens and modifying soil composition.
  • • Twin spinners provide uniform application at any speed.
  • • Adjustable spinner angle for maximum penetration.
  • • Comes in three models - an engine driven trailed version, hydraulically driven via a tractor mount or truck mounted.
19 cubic feet
Cushman model is 60" x 37" at top
Spread Width
15" to 30"
Spread Application
From as little as 1/32" to more than ¼" using patented WideSpin Technology
Conveyor Belt
18" wide, pebble surface composition with heavy-duty polyester cord
Metering Gate
Full manual adjustment for LIGHTSPREAD™ and HEAVYSPREAD™ operation
Top Dressing Speed
Up to 5 mph
Transport Speed
Up to 5 mph
Electrically-operated independent belt and spinner plate shut off with remote throttle. Manual independent belt and spinner plate speed controls, HEAVYSPREAD™ diverter.
Truck's hydraulic system powers the belt and spinner plates
660 lbs
Trench-filler Attachment - product number 86150

Cross Conveyor Attachment - product number 86172

Storage Stand - product number 86136


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