Product Details

• 220mm chipping capacity

• Disc-Blade cutting technology

• Twin hydraulic feed rollers

• No-Stress power control

• 860kg weight

The ChipMaster 220 TMP fits the 3-point linkage on tractors from 60 to 80hp and is  powered by the tractor’s PTO shaft. With its impressive chipping capacity of 220mm and a larger infeed chute of 1100mm x 900mm, this sturdy machine has all the excellent features of the ChipMaster range.

These include a generous 230mm x 230mm infeed throat and powerful twin vertical feed rollers controlled by an electronic No-Stress system.  The patented Disc-Blade chipping system will ensure a constant chip quality and reduce the volume of up to 7 tonnes of clean green waste per hour.

The ChipMaster 220 TMP has its own oil tank, so is not dependent on the tractor’s hydraulic system.  It does, however, require the use of a 12-volt electric supply on the tractor to power the No-Stress system.

This hydraulic chipper comes with a discharge chute that rotates by 280°, allowing the operator to direct the chip in the required direction. There is also the option of a bolt-on wheeled chassis and drawbar, enabling this machine to be used as a tractor-trailed
model with smaller tractors.

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