Kilworth GRE Backhoe


Product Details

The GRE backhoe is mounted on to the tractor by the 3 point linkage. It does not have bolt on fixing brackets as with some types of backhoe. This enables the backhoe to be removed from the tractor quickly and easily so freeing the tractor for work with other implements.

Available to Order
  • Compact Backhoe for landscaping, golf courses and general estate maintenance.
  • Twin joystick control with separate levers for the stabilisers and side shift locking (where fitted).
  • 3 point linkage mounted - simple to fit and remove from the tractor.
  • The standard machine uses the tractor auxiliary hydraulic service as the oil supply but the optional pump and tank kit is recommended for optimum performance.
  • GRE 19 and 23 models have a side shift frame with manual locking. Hydraulic locking is an option.
  • The GRE backhoes must not be fitted to the tractor without a mechanical locking device on the 3 point linkage. This prevents the linkage from moving upwards when the bucket is pushed downwards. This locking device can be supplied by Kilworth for all makes of tractor.


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