Kilworth LS Log Splitter


Product Details

The LS Tractor mounted Log Splitter is manufactured in Derbyshire to a high quality standard and is designed for effortless and safe splitting of all types of wood.

Available to Order
  • Tractor mounted log splitter fits a standard catagory 1 linkage.
  • Requires a double acting spool valve or a single acting valve with free return flow on the tractor.
  • Two versions available, 10 tonne and 13 tonne. The 10 tonne model is designed for smaller tractors with lower oil flow, generally under 8 litres/min at a low engine speed.
  • Large diameter hydraulic cylinder gives the rated splitting force at oil pressures which are realistically achievable with most tractors. Many competitors quote splitting forces at oil pressures which are unrealistic with many makes of tractor.
  • The high pressure tapered splitting wedge is manufactured from hardened steel and ensures the log begins to split with the minimum of force. It also reduces the risk of the log flying apart after suddenly splitting under high pressure.
  • The two handed operation and operator protection guard ensure maximum safety.
  • The return stroke of the splitting wedge does not require the operator to hold the lever so speeding up the splitting process.
  • Hydraulic cylinder is mounted at the lower end of the cylinder body, reducing stress on the cylinder when under pressure. This is particularly important when the cylinder is operating near the end of its stroke.
  • Robust steel frame designed for long life with no distortion under all conditions.
  • Supplied with 1/2" quick release hydraulic fittings. (Can be changed on request).


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