Kilworth Negri Bio Shredder R240


Product Details

Negri bio shredders have been designed with the demands of commercial use in mind. As shredding is by means of a drum rotor fitted with knives and hammer flails, this type of machine is less susceptable to damage than a conventional chipper. It is, therefore, ideally suited to landscape gardeners and grounds maintance contractors who have a requirement to reduce brash and prunings left over from tree and hedgerow maintenance.

Available to Order
  • Negri Bio Shredders are suitable for shredding wood and brash.
  • The shredding drum is fitted with hammers and knives and can cope with leafy material and light soil contamination.
  • The model R240 is designed for professional use. It has a hydraulic feed roller system powered by independent on board hydraulics which increases safety and ease of use over gravity feed machines.
  • The R240 has a wider drum (16 hammers + 4 blades) and intake than the R225 so although max wood diameter is the same at 90mm, overall production is increased to 8.5 cubic metres.
  • The R240 petrol engined models have a no-stress system to control the feed roller speed.
  • PTO driven, engine driven and road towable versions are available.


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