Product Details

• 160mm chipping capacity

• Full 360° turntable

• 34hp Kubota turbo diesel engine

• Disc-Blade chipping technology

• Twin hydraulic feed rollers

• No-Stress power control

• Sub 750kg towing weight

The innovative QuadChip 160 is the ultimate road tow chipper with a 360° turntable allowing definitive positioning of infeed chute for convenient and safe loading at the  kerb-side and in limited spaces. Engineered with a world-renowned 34hp Kubota diesel  engine and a high tensile steel chassis, you know that the QuadChip 160 has the power to tackle any task safely, efficiently and effectively.

The QuadChip 160 comes fitted as standard with the patented Disc-Blade system, which offers a simple maintenance process and increased time period between rotations, giving dramatic cost savings.

The high throughput of this machine is provided by powerful twin vertical feed rollers and a 160mm x 230mm letterbox infeed throat. This offers exceptional crushing capacity for awkward forked branches and fast processing of bushy, leafy brash. This road tow chipper comes with a discharge chute that rotates 280° and folds down for compact transport and storage.

GreenMech has long been at the forefront of a technological drive to engineer quieter machines and is a keen supporter of the HSE’s Buy Quiet campaign to highlight issues
around noise-induced hearing loss. As a result of this ongoing drive, at GreenMech we are proud to state we believe the QuadChip 160 is one of the quietest chippers in its class on the market today.

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