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Fleming Flexi All Rubber Scraper


Product Details

Flexi All Rubber Scraper (AYSF)

Available in paint or galvanised finish

Fully adjustable wings to give 3 variable working widths from 1.7m (6ft) - 2.47m (8ft)

The blade frame is constructed from heavy duty structural channel

Specially designed flexible moulded rubber (50mm thick x 400mm high) for long life and efficient scraping

Hinge points are positioned outside the scraping area and are easily accessible for greasing

Heavy duty structural box frame specially designed for increased drag efficiency giving better ground pressure for a cleaner sweep

Optional linkage settings to suit most tractors up to 95hp with Category 1 and 2 lift pin options

Speedy clean sweep at 6-8 MPH

Optional settings on linkage to suit most tractors

Quick Hitch A frame is available as an optional extra

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