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Fleming Single Bale Tippers


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Standard Bale Tipper

Fleming is the only company to offer a Heavy Duty Single Bale Lifter for contracting use and a Standard Single Lifter for normal farming use

The Fleming Standard Bale Tipper has a 90mm structural box frame with reinforced side plates designed for normal farming use, carrying bales on tractors up to 80hp

This bale handler is designed to transport and tip 1.25m (4ft) diameter bales of wrapped silage or hay bales

Supplied with cat. 1 and 2 lift pin facility

Heavy Duty Bale Tipper

The Fleming heavy duty bale tipper is designed to transport 1.25m (4ft) diameter bales of wrapped silage or hay for large farms and contracting use

This bale handler is designed to store the bales on their end, the finely counter-balanced tipping mechanism automatically resets itself after tipping the bale.

The HD bale handler is manufactured from 100mm box with 120mm frame giving absolute rigidity for high hp tractors

This bale tipper works equally well with silage, haylage, hay and straw round bales, wrapped bales or unwrapped round bales.

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