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Fleming Wagtail Fertiliser Spreaders


Product Details

The Fleming Sitrex wagtail fertiliser spreaders have been designed for farmers who do not need a large capacity fertiliser spreader. The wagtail fertiliser spreaders are suitable for use on small tractors. This implement is also a cost effective means of spreading large quantities of fertiliser.

Wagtail models include:

- FSC500W (500L)
- FSC600W (600L)
- FSC800W (800L)
- FSC1000W (1000L)
- FSC1250W (1250L)
- FSC1400W (1400L)


  • Finished with an epoxy varnish for longer life
  • Spreading widths from 6m to 12m
  • Glass fibre reinforced hopper
  • Optional salt spreader attachment
  • Optional hydraulic shut-off
  • Available to Order

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