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Major Tandem Tanker


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Tandem Tanker


This is the specialist tandem slurry tanker range from MAJOR. All MAJOR tankers are constructed from 6mm steel for maximum strength. These tankers sit upon high specification commercial axles. They are supplied with steering axles as standard for minimal ground compaction and easy manoeuvring.

The MAJOR Tandem Tanker is unique in design, in that the barrel is supported by a separate chassis. The position of the axle relative to the machine length means that a perfect balance is achieved with 80% of the weight running on the tanker’s axle and the remainder being carried on the tractor drawbar.

As with all MAJOR tankers, the tank is baffled to prevent ‘wave’ motions during transport ensuring safer and smoother towing.

  • Hi-speed commercial axle rated to 100km/hr – allows operator to brake safely and securely even at high speeds
  • Rubber buffers on drawbar to absorb shocks on the road
  • Hydraulic brakes as standard ensuring compliance with regulations
  • Heavy duty bogey axle, ideal for rough terrain
  • Internal baffle plates prevent wave motions during transport and strengthen the barrel
  • Fitted with safety breakaway cable
  • Stepped down back door for easy cleaning and access
  • Swivel hitch reduces wear on the hitch and hitch eye
  • Battioni pumps are fitted as standard. These pumps are tried and tested
  • Shearbolt PTO on the shaft to protect the pump in the event of blockages
  • LED lights
  • Extensive choice of optional extras and tyre options
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