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Shelbourne Reynolds HD865VFRT Hedge Cutter


Product Details

The HD865VFRT has telescopic reach giving the machine a retracted reach of 5.60M which can be extended to its maximum reach of 6.50M. This then gives the trimmer a compact design without compromise to its reach.

The variable forward reach gives the machine forward reach of up to 2.0m to improve visibility and operator comfort. Rearward reach of 1.30M enables the arm to go behind the tractor wheel to enable operation in restricted areas.

Available to Order

Standard Features

70HP hydraulic system
Digital proportional joystick control
Oil Cooler with fan
Head Float
Arm Float
Auto-reset break back
1.2m Belt drive head
Bolted adjustable head roller
Parallel arm geometry
LED road lights & 180 degree strobe


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