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Iseki TM3267 Mech

Product Details

The new ISEKI TM3267 is a versatile 25hp diesel compact tractor

with a F8/R8 mechanical transmission. The ISO-mounted operator’s

platform combined with ergonomically positioned controls ensures

operator comfort during extended working periods. The 3-point

linkage has a lift capacity of 600kg or 800kg (TM3267 only) when

tted with the high-capacity lift kit.

The tractor features as standard, a rear-PTO, two double acting

valves, mid-PTO, two double-acting auxiliary valves (one for TM3217),

weight frame and a choice of AG or Turf tyres. The ISEKI TM3217

shares the same chassis, powered by a 19hp diesel engine. A front

loader is optionally available for both models.

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