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Powerful and reliable liquid-cooled diesel engine outlasts conventional air-cooled gasoline engines and offers reduced maintenance costs.

  • • 3-wheel drive, powered by 18.8 hp (14kW) three-cylinder liquid- cooled engine.
  • • Hydrostatic parallel drive system with elecronic 2 to 3 wheel drive selector valve provides “on the fly” operator control of transport speed, traction requirements and maneuverability.
  • • Hydraulic control of center mounted and rear mounted equipments.
  • • Hydraulic power steering.
  • • Por Pedal controls engine RPM for reduced fuel consuption and noise level.
  • • Hydraulic oil cooling system.
  • • Certified ROPs with work lights standard.
18.8HP (14 kW) Kubota model D722 three (3) cylinder, liquid cooled diesel engine Tier 4 Emissions Compliant. Full pressure lubrication with replaceable oil filter. Remote mounted cyclonic air intake filtration system.
Infinitely variable from
0 – 12 mph (20 kph) forward;
0 – 5 mph (8 kph) reverse
Dynamic breaking through the hydrostatic transmission
Hand operated, disc type park/emergency brake on rear wheel
Hydraulic power steering, 15 in (38 cm) diameter automotive type steering wheel, adjustable tilt.
Low back adjustable deluxe seat, 1 piece molded, 1/2 back support
Purchasers choice of
(3)22-1100 x 10 knobby sand tires, -or-
(3)23-1050 x 12 turf tires
Foot pedal for forward and rear operation of hydraulic system.
“Pro-Pedal” system connects engine throttle to hydraulic demand.
(Engine speed increases as hydraulic system demand increase.s)
“Speed Boss” preset speed control system on hydrostatic transmission.
Hydraulic engage/disengage levers control rear mounted and center mounted implements.
Belt driven hydraulic pump driving two hydraulic motors on rear wheels and one hydraulic motor on front wheel. Parallel traction hydraulic drive system with electric two (2) – three (3) wheel drive selector valve standard. Hydraulic oil system cooler with engine driven air flow.
68 in (170cm)-60 in (150 cm)-50 in (120cm);
Wheelbase: 44 in (110 cm)
Ground Clearance 9 in (23 cm) -under cultivator
1010 lbs (458 kg)
42-315 Front/Rear light kit
42-800 OSHA Certified ROPS
15-622 Weather Canopy
42-805 Fender Kit
Knobby sand tires are standard equipment. Turf Trac tires are available.
43-500 Diesel Super Star
3-wheel tricycle configuration, rear engine placement, ROPS standard
Halogen work lights.
Heavy gauge steel tubing, hydraulically formed, electrically welded.
12 volt battery; 12 volt electric starter, side mounted Ignition switch.
Operator presence switch in seat.
94 dB(A) under normal operating conditions
Hydraulic system oil: 5 gallons (19 liter) in high density polyethylene tank
Diesel Fuel – 5 gallons (19 liters) in high densitynylon low-perm tank
No.1-D or No. 2-D, S500: Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD) less than 500 ppm or 0.05 wt.%
No1-D or No.2-D, S15: Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) less than 15 ppm or 0.0015 wt.%
Complies with all applicable ANSI, OSHA, and European Machinery Directive standards


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