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Product Details

A 35.3cc straight-shaft petrol brushcutter with a soft-grip loop handle and a 43cm cutting-width. Line head, brush blade and harness included.

Product details and specs

Equipped with a high-capacity 35.3 cc air-cooled two-stroke engine and weighing just 12 kg, the STIGA SBC 636 offers powerful performance and low-effort handling.

STIGA’s new-generation engine technology brings numerous advantages - it works to maximize power-output, while simultaneously minimizing the emission of polluting exhaust gases by a huge 60% and cutting fuel-consumption by an impressive 20%. STIGA’s Easy Start system ensures dependable ignition from hot or cold.

The SBC 636 comes with two cutter heads - there’s a twin-line grass-trimming head ideal for tidying lawn edges and fence lines; and a three-tooth metal brush cutting blade designed to clear more challenging vegetation, such as nettles, bramble and brushwood. The line head’s Bump & Work system means you can renew the line without attending directly to the spool.

Thanks to its weight-reducing aluminum shaft, soft-grip ‘loop’ handle and vibration-control system, the SBC 636 is easy to manage and will sit comfortably in the hands for as long as it takes to complete the job.

Contributing further to comfort and simplicity of operation is a single shoulder harness and a multi-function control handle.

Built today for tomorrow, this model comes with a extended 5-year Warranty. (T&C’s Apply)


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