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The cutting-edge STIGA Combi 55 SQ DAE employs a next-generation double-battery system that's smooth and quiet in operation and requires little or no maintenance. The two fast-charging 48v/5Ah Lithium-ion 500 Series System batteries work together to deliver extended run-times and improve independence, with the battery charge-level displayed via a 1.54" LCD readout on the foldable soft-grip handlebar.
The self-propelled Combi 55 SQ DAE is exceptionally adaptable, with its four mowing-modes - collection, mulching, rear-discharge and side-discharge - making it possible to manage a wide variety of grass conditions.
Centralized cutting-height adjustment means it could be easier to choose from the five steps available (25-80mm); while an expansive 53 cm working-width combines with a capacious 70-litre grassbag to ensure a large area can be covered with speed and efficiency.
In addition to charge-level, the LCD display on this model also shows blade-speed and Eco-Mode status. The batteries can be used with all the mowers and handheld machines in the 500-Series range. The maximum working area can vary depending on the capacity of the battery.

Built today for tomorrow, this model comes with a minimum 2-year Warranty.

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