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Product details and specs

This robust, steel-decked machine has a 48cm cutting-width that’s ideal for areas up to 850m2. Powered by a 48v next-generation double-battery system that utilizes the latest lithium-ion cell technology, the STIGA Multiclip 50 SX DAE requires little or no maintenance and will prove a quiet and eco-friendly way to maintain your lawn.

Electrically-driven self-propulsion - adjustable to suit the operator - makes the coverage of rough grass and inclines almost effort-free; while STIGA’s unique X-shaped, laterally-adjustable handlebar makes it possible to mow flush against walls and fences, which in turn lessens the amount of follow-up strimmer work that’s required.

A dedicated mulching mower that eliminates the need for bagging, the Multiclip 50 SX DAE cuts mowing time by up to 30% and will leave your lawn organically fertilized by the decomposing mulch.

Also featured is simple single-lever cutting-height adjustment through the five positions available (31-75mm); vibration-damping for reduced user fatigue; and a built-in digital display for monitoring key operating indicators (battery charge; blade speed; Eco-Mode status).

Batteries are compatible with all the handheld tools and lawnmowers in the STIGA 500 Series System range. The maximum working area can vary depending on the capacity of the battery.

BATTERIES AND CHARGER NOT INCLUDED Built today for tomorrow, this model comes with a minimum 2-year Warranty.

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