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Product details and specs

With the STIGA SLM 544 AE, you'll enjoy a substantial 48v of lithium-ion battery power and will be able to cut your grass with none of the dirt, noise, maintenance hassle and starting problems that come with petrol-engine lawnmowers!

A lightweight, hand-propelled machine, the STIGA SLM 544 AE offers great maneuverability and requires minimal effort to push, even on sloping ground.

Intuitive, ergonomically-optimized controls ensure any gardener will find it comfortable and simple to operate; while newly designed handlebar cam-locks make setting up the space-saving vertical storage position quick and easy.

The battery for this 42cm model is available separately and can be used to power all machines in the 500 Series System range.

This mower can be also used in mulching mode, with the mulching plug accessory, available separately.

Battery and charger are NOT included.

Built today for tomorrow, this model comes with a minimum 2-year Warranty.

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