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Deck Mounted Sprayer DMS390


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The Logic Deck Mounted Sprayer Range has been designed to fit  onto the rear cargo space of a UTV (utility vehicle) or onto the flatbed of a pickup or trailer.

The capacity is 270 litres. A choice of 9 litres/min or 14.4 litres/min pumps are available together with a variety of spray booms, hose reels and hand lances, so the unit can be tailored to suit many different applications.

A Logic dealer will be able to advise concerning the best configuration/specification for individual situations ensuring you end up with exactly the right specification for your circumstances.

Rotational moulded tanks and high quality pumps are at the heart of a good, reliable spraying system and Logic has resisted the temptation to reduce the specification of these vital components.

The Deck Mounted Sprayer range presents a comprehensive solution to low ground pressure spraying applications, with spray booms from 1.5m to 4.0m and up to 8 nozzles. Hose reels up to 15m for hand lance applications are available, and a complete range of fixtures and fittings (as well as protective clothing) complete the range.

Even though landowners have very large spraying rigs for use on large fields, there is still often a need to spray smaller areas of the land or to carry out a ‘spot’ spraying job in conditions which are too small or too wet for a tractor.

The DMS range from Logic fits that gap comprehensively providing a quick and handy method of spraying which complements larger equipment.

Other products in the Logic range, such as the TS range, or even the System 40 range for full-sized tractor sprayers, may be useful to fit individual circumstances, but the DMS range provides a useful addition for landowners/estates wishing to make the most out of their existing UTV.

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