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On Board Sprayer 130 litre OBS130


Product Details

The Logic 130 litre on-board sprayer range has been designed to fit onto the rear carrier rack of an ATV.

A rotational moulded tank and a high quality pump designed for use with chemical are at the heart of a good, reliable spraying system.  Fitting of the tank is very quick and straightforward, using the ‘T’ bolts supplied. The unit also comes with a complete wiring harness with in line fuse. All booms are height adjustable and have a break-back facility.  All nozzles can be individually switched on and off.  The hedgerow nozzle is very useful for spraying  electric fence-lines and the bottom of the hedgerow/wall.

Each nozzle requires an output of between 1.0 and 1.6 litres per minute at a spraying pressure between 2 and 3 bars.

The 135 litre tank has two pump options which allow you to utilise the following booms:

OBS134S model – 9.0 litre per minute pump @ 3 bar – boom options OBS101 1.5metre boom/3 nozzles - OBS102 2.0m boom/4 nozzles or OBS104 3.0metre/6 nozzles

OBS135S model – 9.0 litre per minute pump complete with full pressure control system @ 3 bar – boom options as above.

Please note, all Logic booms come with one end hedgerow nozzle as standard. A hand-lance with up to 15metres of hose is available fitted on a hose reel or on a wrap around bracket. A 60 litre front tank can be added to either of the above models.

Whether it’s spraying newly planted tree areas, established woodland, spot control in grassland or around buildings and sheds there will always be a use for an on-board sprayer in the working environment.

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