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Surface Grader PG250


Product Details

The Logic Surface Grader is exceptional for maintaining any gravel driveway by pulling excess material in from the edges and then levelling the whole surface.

It is also quick and efficient at grading the manége, levelling any surface material, whether it be simply sand or one of the more sophisticated, softer compositions such as rubber chip.

The optional bar of tines works deeper into the surface than the main levelling blade mixing and aerating the components. This is essential for rubber chip and bark surfaces but also beneficial for preventing compaction on any sand based surface.

It can be towed behind any suitable vehicle - if available, a quad is ideal for this sort of application because of its low ground pressure. The Grader is light to tow and offers ‘one pass’ levelling to ensure the arena is quickly back to its best, ready for the next session.

Logic’s unique design ensures that this grader really does provide the best level surface possible.

If you are unsure about the correct specification you require for your surface please speak to Logic.

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