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System 40 Sprayer S409/S410


Product Details

The Logic System 40 sprayer provides farmers with a low ground pressure option for tractor-sized equipment.

The Logic System 40 sprayer is based on a “Hardi” unit and is simply bolted on the unique cross-member of the System 40 chassis.

Where rough ground may be encountered, the tandem axle version provides additional stability – especially important where heavy liquid loads are being towed.

Equipment can be quickly remounted for tractor use in just a few minutes.

The System 40 sprayer provides full sprayer functionality in a way that can be safely towed behind an ATV/UTV.

The sprayer unit can be mounted on a three-point linkage for tractor use if required.

This brings complete flexibility to the task of spraying, allowing access to the land when the chemicals are going to be at their most effective.

System 40 sprayers allow landowners to get onto the land early in the season or when conditions would be far too soft for a tractor.

The System 40 adjustable wheel track enables the equipment to take advantage of existing tramlines and together with the low ground pressure of the equipment, this ensures crops are not significantly damaged by the equipment.

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