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GIANT’s TENDO-Series range is one of the most compact and versatile machines it offers, designed to manoeuvre in tight spaces and on rough terrains, while its extendable lifting arm can reach an astonishing height of 4.8 meters As standard model, the TENDO is equipped with a proportional load moment protection – combining safety with optimum performance. This GIANT 4548 TENDO HD is powered with a 45 hp engine, while in addition it offers many optional features.


Towing hook / Conen pin

  • Hitch: GIANT Standard (Hydraulically)
  • ROPS / FOPS safety roof, with window front and right, and frontwiper
  • CANBUS system
  • Double acting hydraulic valve at the front (mechanical)
  • Luxury seat with safety belt, armrest and extended backrest
  • Proportional Load Moment Protection (EN 15000)
  • 1 working light on lifting arm
  • Rupture protection
  • Main switch
  • Cyclone filter
  • Oil cooler
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