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Allrounder Profiline 600/750


Product Details

The Allrounder is, as the name indicates a very universal machine for seed-bed and stubble cultivation .The Allrounder can work the whole year undertaking different tasks.

In the spring producing seedbeds on ploughed land. In the autumn secondary stubble cultivation and intermediate pass to take out weed seeds. The hydraulic levelboard levellers are a critical and valuable tool when producing an even seedbed. In the spring the goose foot point works shallow. The soil is aerated but the soil is worked very shallow allowing quick drying.

The STS roller with following harrow produces a good reconsolidation of the moved soil with an optimum crumbly finish ideal for the seed. Whether for sugar beet, maize or cereals the Allrounder guarantees easy moving and fine soil in one pass.

Further activities where the Allrounder excels include slurry incorporation, working green manure and fast aeration of the soil.




Working width

6,00 m

7,50 m

Transport width

3,00 m

3,00 m

Number of tines



Row spacing

16,60 cm

16,60 cm

Under frame clearance

60 cm





HP requirement

160 HP

200 HP





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