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Fleming Mounted Grass Harrow


Product Details

The Fleming mounted grass harrow range has 6 models making Fleming the perfect option for the hobby farmer/gardener and the large scale farmer.

- GHL6 - 6ft/ 1.8m
- GHL8 - 8ft/ 2.5m
- GHL10 - 10ft/ 3m
- GHL12 - 12ft/ 3.7m
- GHL14 - 14ft/ 4.25m
- GHL16 - 16ft/ 4.9m


  • Designed to pull at a 5 degree angle so that the ground is completely covered and tracking does not happen
  • Harrows are designed to cover all applications from large farms to small holding and equestrian venues
  • Folding is a simple manual operation taking only seconds for one person
  • All harrows are 2.15m long
  • 64mm x 13mm boron steel mat and tine
  • Available to Order

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