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Fleming Tandem Lead Landroller


Product Details

Fleming Agri-Products have been manufacturing landrollers for over 40 years which has resulted in a wealth of technical experience in the field.

The Fleming tandem lead landroller is designed for farmers or large land owners due to its ability to cover a large area of land at once. It is a cost effective piece of machinery giving a high performance level by covering high acreage in a short space of time.

The Fleming tandem lead roller can also be used alongside an existing on-farm roller.


  • Can roll up to 31 acres per hour
  • Lead roller can be set for use with either 2.5m or 3m following roller
  • Lead roller drawing arm can be folded for drawing rollers in-line for easy field access
  • Easy change from transport to working position (no heavy lifting)
  • Available to Order

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