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Teagle Tomahawk 500B


Product Details

Process material outside, distribute inside for increased bio security

A quick fit connection to the Tomahawk outside enables bedding material to be spread with a flexible tube or fixed manifold system. Disturbance of livestock is minimised, and the risk of bio contamination is reduced.

One person operation
Load the bale into the Tomahawk Turbo Mill and set the tractor PTO running. Direct drive to the mill rotor is engaged and the onboard pump provides hydraulic power to the booster fan. Designed to Process and Distribute baled material with a moisture content up to 20%. The operator has a wireless link to the hydraulic valve so that the can control the drum rotation and hence the discharge, from wherever he is working.

Select the appropriate screen in the mill (10mm - 50mm) to produce the length of material required.

Engage the tractor PTO and the high speed turbo fan delivers processed material at a high rate for the operator.

The high speed fan can be connected to various delivery systems. e.g. 127mm (5”) diameter pipe/manifold.

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