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Teagle Tomahawk C12 Calibrator


Product Details

A high capacity mill for processing dry materials such as straw and miscanthus to a consistently short length for bedding, feeding and biofuel

Straight forward setting of material output
Quick change screens can be switched at ground level in minutes. The two-part screens are reversible and can be fitted in various combinations to control output of finished product.

Only 1 operator required with Automatic Power Loading
To maximise throughput and prevent overloading, the C12 governs bale chamber rotation automatically. Tractor power loading is controlled remotely from the loader vehicle via Bluetooth®.

Designed for Contractors and Large Scale operators
The C12 is homologated to 40km/hr, incorporating Air/Hydraulic braking combinations.  Service intervals are extended with high performance steel hammers and a wear resistant Carbide edge facing.

  • Capacity - Up to 11t/hr
  • Tractor HP - 120-200
  • Material output - 20-100mm
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