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The vector stale seed bed cultivator is the consequence of further development of the Quadro for professional farmers with up to 600HP.

The key to the Vector is the easy shift depth control which allows the depth to be varied in work without stopping and without leaving the tractor cab.

An advantage of the Vector is the working width can be altered from a 4.6m to a 6.2m  a 5.7m to an 8m or a 7m to a 9m .It is a simple job to remove the outer wing sections by just undoing a few bolts. This means the vector can be adapted to suit power availability and field conditions.




Working width

4,60 m

6,20 m

Transport width

3,00 m

3,00 m

Number of tines



Row spacing

27 cm

27 cm

Under frame clearance

85 cm

85 cm


5910 kg

6880 kg

HP requirement

220 HP

260 HP


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