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Major Swift Rigid Deck


Product Details

Models:  MJ70-190, MJ70-240
The MAJOR Swift MJ70-190 and 240 are rigid deck mowers designed for everyday use where a durable, reliable mower is required.  This is a low maintenance mower that delivers a professional cylinder mower finish every time.  
It is quick and easy to attach to the tractor to increase mowing times.  The simple height adjustment can be selected from 10mm to 150mm to suit the working conditions, making this a really versatile mower.   Strenxô 700 MC high-strength steel is used to manufacture this mower.
- Quick height adjustment system
- Gear driven drive line, eliminates the problems associated with belt driven mowers
- Internal roller bearings give total protection against moisture and soil
- Full width rollers allow the machine to follow the ground contours perfectly to give a professional striped finish
- All Swift mowers go through a rigorous shot blasting process before painting, for long life painted finish
- Wash down hose feature (applies to all Swift mowers)Optional scraper bars available (all Swift mowers)
Also available in a front mounted version
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