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High-Sided Tipping Trailer TGT400


Product Details

The TGT400  is a robust, well designed, high-sided, tipping ATV trailer which benefits from having an ample carrying capacity combined with the advantages of low ground pressure for accessing wet, muddy ground when required.

The large carrying capacity is provided by the 800mm high trailer side panels which are also slightly tapered for easy emptying. The pivot point for the tipping mechanism, complete with two tensioned springs, has been designed to minimise the effort needed to tip the unit when full.

The tailgate can be used as a ramp for wheelbarrows or to easily load equipment such as mowers.

The TGT400, originally designed for carrying substantial amounts of light material such as grass cuttings, horse muck and leaves, is equally suited for transporting heavier loads such as logs, stone or gravel.

This trailer, combined with a suitable towing vehicle such as an ATV/UTV provides an efficient tool for helping to maintain areas such as stables, parkland, woodland walkways, cycle paths, sports fields, show grounds, etc.

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