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Off-road Trailer STT


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The STT is a general purpose, off-road UTV or ATV trailer. It is a versatile asset and quickly becomes an almost indispensable tool - Dimensions: 1500 x 1000 x 380mm

The standard unit has low sides for easy loading and unloading. It benefits from a very strong, all welded construction and has a fully hot-dip galvanised body.

The standard construction features a strong, high quality timber floor which provides good grip for objects in the trailer although there is an option of an alloy tread-plate floor if required.

A major advantage of the STT is its low ground pressure, meaning that you can gain access to the land in conditions that would be impossible with a tractor or even a 4×4. The ability of an ATV and STT to almost float over the ground allows access to the land even when it is wet and muddy. This is particularly useful in situations requiring cross-compliance issues to be met. Maintenance tasks can be carried out more quickly and efficiently.

Logic would recommend considering the benefits of a tipping trailer for use with the management of horses, especially when mucking out as it has the tipping feature which allows easy discharge of the load.


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