Covid-19 Update 08/10/2020 - Medland Sanders & Twose Ltd (MST)

Covid-19 Update 08/10/2020

8th October 2020

MST’s Commitment to remaining Covid-19 Secure


MST continues to strictly observe the relevant Government policies in respect of Covid-19 and will review and adapt these policies as circumstances change.


Our key objective is to ensure the health and safety of our team, our customers and any visitors to our depots or offices.


We confirm that we have complied with the Government’s guidance on managing the risk of Covid-19 in the workplace and our certification of this is attached for reference. In addition, our Covid-19 Secure/Safe Risk assessment is also available upon request.

Visitors to our depots or offices

It is MST’s policy to minimise the risk of infection by reducing the frequency of close contact with visitors to our depots or offices.

Customers must wear a face mask and sanitise hands before entering any of our shops or service departments. Please also observe any other measures, such as restricted access zones or one way walk systems that are in place.

Meetings with external clients will need to be pre-arranged and carried out over the phone or via a video call/conference wherever possible. If face to face meetings are absolutely necessary, then a pre-visit questionnaire must be completed to check for any covid-19 related risks. Face masks and an ID badge must be worn at all times and a minimum distance of 2 metres observed by staff and visitors. We will also ask that you download the NHS Test and Trace app prior to your visit so that you can scan our QR code for the Test & Trace system. Meeting rooms will be thoroughly cleaned before and after any meetings and refreshments will not be provided.

We have a separate policy for contractors who must attend MST premises to carry out essential work. These visits must be pre-arranged with the appropriate Line Manager and a visitor’s questionnaire must be completed prior to the visit. Contractors must also wear a mask and identification badge before being permitted access to any MST premises and they will be made aware of any H&S measures that we have in place by the appropriate Line Manager. Contractors must also download the NHS Test & Trace app prior to their visit.

Please could we kindly request that if you display any Covid-19 symptoms, or have come into contact with anyone with symptoms, that you please do not visit our depots or offices and contact us to rearrange any meetings.

We thank you for your cooperation in keeping both our team and yourselves safe and healthy.