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Iseki TXGS Tractor


Product Details

Used in a huge range of applications where a small multi-use sub compact tractor is required, this is the ultimate compact multipurpose tractor.  With 3 point linkage, mid and rear PTOs, optional mower decks and front loader the uses for the TXGS24 tractor are limitless.  

Drive over mid mount mower decks allow easy attachment and detachment with rear, side or mulching discharge with optional collector. Made from heavy duty steel for a hardwearing long-lasting deck. High ground clearance of 150mm when the deck is lifted so you can easily negotiate over uneven terrain and up kerbs.  

An optional front linkage with A Frame and front PTO can be fitted to allow implements like a snow plough or brush to be utilised. 

The high torque, powerful and reliable 23hp, 1123cc 3 cylinder diesel engine tackles even the toughest jobs with ease. Its low revving engine at 2,400rpm avoids undue wear and tear on the engine, plus a quieter operating experience.


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