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The STIGA Multiclip Pro 53 SVX H lawnmower was specially designed for mulching, a technique that finely shreds grass cuttings and reuses them as a lawn fertilizer. This lawnmower has a speed regulator allowing it to be used on any lawn and for any cutting requirement. This strong aluminium lawnmower is powered by a 167 cc Honda GCVx170 Autochoke engine with a net power output of 3.30 kW @ 2900 rpm and has a 51 cm cutting width. The centralised cutting height can be set to 5 positions ranging from 30 to 65 mm. The vibration control system increases user comfort by reducing vibrations from the motor. The Pro handle can be adjusted in both height and angle, allowing you to cut the lawn in comfort and reach the difficult corners close to walls and bushes. The Multiclip Pro 53 SVX H has a front bumper and soft tread aluminium wheels.

Built today for tomorrow, this model comes with a extended 5-year Warranty. (T&C’s Apply)

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