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Product Details

Professional spreading contractors work long, cold and unsociable hours. The nature of their job demands reliable, quality equipment, and in the SnowEx SP-1875, they get it. For years the SP-1875 has proven to be reliable and effective at spreading sand, salt and grit in some of the world's most demanding conditions. Whether it's mounted on a dropside truck, pick-up tailgate or a compact tractor, the SnowEx SP-1875 gives outstanding performance, all winter long.

  • Capacity 254 litres
  • Spreading width 1.5m - 9m
  • Amperage draw 25A - 30A max
  • Spinner diameter 300mm
  • Weight (empty) 81kg
  • Height 914mm
  • Width 1321mm
  • Depth/Length 609mm

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