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King of the frozen road! The SnowEx V-Maxx SP-9500 takes SnowEx into the big league, with a mammoth 3,200 litre capacity high-density polyethylene hopper, and a powerful 12V electrical direct-drive motor system.

Councils, contractors and facilities managers with large areas to maintain will appreciate the rugged SP-9500 - it's built to work in some of the world's most demanding winter conditions, and yet is able to use spread material efficiently, with full control over spread width and speed. This makes the SP-9500 not only a superb choice for spreading ability but also for economical use of salt and grit.

  • Capacity 3200 litres
  • Spreading width 1.5m - 12m
  • Amperage draw 30A - 59A
  • Spinner diameter 300mm
  • Weight (empty) 463kg
  • Height 1220mm
  • Width 1320mm
  • Depth/Length 3050mm
  • Floor length 2692mm
  • Floor width 1220mm

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