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Teagle Dynamo roller mower


Product Details

Robust construction - Superb finish

Outstanding Performance

  • Overlapping rotors ensure 100% cutting over the full width to produce a high quality professional finish.
  • A smooth underside assists the flow of cut material through the machine, whilst a rotor divider and deflector assist an even spread of cut material across the width of the mower. 
  • Fit the optional mulching kit and front roller for a finer finish. 

British Built Quality

  • Our Roller Mowers incorporate high strength pressings and an impressive driveline and blade system resulting in a very robust machine.


  • Available in two cut widths: Dynamo 6: 1.83m, Dynamo 8: 2.45m.
  • Dynamo 6 fits Cat 1 and 2 linkage, Dynamo 8 fits Cat. 2 linkage.
  • Straightforward screw height adjustment.
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