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Fleming 12 Ton Monocoque Tipping Trailer


Product Details

Heavy duty 12,000kg agricultural trailer designed to satisfy the requirements of modern trailer operations.

All chassis and body parts are manufactured from high tensile steel plate and hollow section to help reduce weight and increase payload without compromising structural strength.

The unique sprung draw bar provides excellent ride characteristics working in combination with the multi leaf spring suspension to reduce stress on the towing vehicle and operator.

Tapered body and twin heavy duty tipping rams ensure a fast and clean unloading with the hydraulic pipes safely concealed within the chassis.

-8 stud heavy duty axle, brakes and lights.

40mm EN8 towing eye, skid and skid carrier Hydraulic hose carrier and access ladder.

550/45/22.5 tyres as standard

Perspex front viewing window


  • Hydraulic back door complete with locking safety valve to avoid accidental spillage
  • Galvanised silage extension kit complete with swinging back door and automatic trip
  • 385/65/22.5 super single tyres
  • Grain chute
  • Manual or rollover tarpaulin cover
  • Available to Order

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