NC 3-AXLE FULL-TRAILER (30 Ton Gross) - Medland Sanders & Twose Ltd (MST)



Product Details

  • Cut chassis with 8650mm body including raised neck and 1520mm beaver tail at 11 degrees
  • Sockets for headboard
  • Spring assisted ramps with 17 degree loading angle and prop stand under beavertail
  • Softwood floor & Durbar beaver tail
  • Granning air suspension c/w raise/lower valve
  • Granning 127mm round axles with 310×190 brake
  • 24 volt EBS brakes c/w Susie and UK standard air fittings
  • Park and shunt valve
  • 235/75×17.5 tyres
  • Stainless steel toolbox
  • Standard light loom with 24N and 24S Susie
  • Painted NC red, NC blue, NC green, NC yellow or black
  • WVTA      
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