Tanker silver with pump for Massey Ferguson Pedal tractor


Product Details

This lovely, fully functional silver-grey tank is the ideal accessory to be added to your child's pedal tractor and give your child even more opportunities to play!
Like a real cistern, it fills with water and has a complete pump system with valve and gun.
Your little farmer or young gardener will be able to water the garden and even throw water up to about 5 meters or, thanks to the rear tap, drive while pouring water on the lawn!
Adaptable to MF7726 models only.

Dimensions : 98 x 46 x 62 cm / 38 x 18 x 24 inch
Weight : 4,7 Kilos / 10 pounds
Maximum weight supported: 25 kilos / 55 pounds
Recommended age: 3 to 10 years old
SKU: X993070122776

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