AS 510 ProClip Mulching Lawnmower


Product Details

Cutting and chopping grass while returning it to  the lawn as fertilizer – with the AS 510 you can even  cut medium height grass in a timesaving manner.  The special spring steel blade inside the stable  mulching bell splits the grass so thinly that time- consuming grass collection is no longer necessary. Thanks to its perfectly balanced, stable and agile  design, you can mow effortlessly and improve the  quality of your lawn.


  • AS 2-stroke engine with EasyStart reduces the pull force on the starter rope by 60% and at half the pull distance.
  • 2in1 models are factory-equipped with easy to mount mulch plate and side discharge deflector.
  • Infinitely variable speed (Variomatic)
  • Solid steel mulching bell
  • Strong,profiled rear wheels provide excellent traction.
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