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For the first time Eliet offers the possibility of installing a blow chute for the removal of chips. What is interesting about this blow chute is that Eliet integrated a genuine blower turbine into the design so that the machine has a powerful discharge system. In contrast to many other shredders on the market that have chip-discharge blowers, the Prof 5B On Road can also handle damp natural trimmings very well and with hardly any danger of blockage of the turbine. By integrating a genuine blower turbine, the Prof 5B On Road benefits from a suction effect through the feed hopper. This ensures that the feeding of leafy natural trimmings goes much more smoothly because the material is, as it were, sucked into the shredding chamber.


Natural trimming chips are not discharged on the basis of the removal force of the blade system, but are carried away by the powerful airflow generated by the 330 mm blade turbine.

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